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Silver Minings: Mike Mayock ranked worst veteran NFL general manager

He’s in his third year on the job

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NFL: Denver Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders
Mike Mayock
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NBC Sports ranked all 26 returning NFL general managers just as we are about to start training camp.

The six new general managers were left off the rankings list because they haven’t done enough to be ranked. So, where did Las Vegas Raiders’ general manager Mike Mayock come in on this list of 26?

Number 26. Yikes.

Mayock was hired right after the 2018 season to replace the fired Reggie McKenzie. He is entering his third season with the team. I’m not sure Mayock should be ranked last in this group.

Give him a little more time to show what he can do. Ultimately though, if Mayock is a failure or a success, it is a reflection on head coach Jon Gruden. He has the final say on all decisions. Mayock works under Gruden. So, if Mayock is truly at the bottom of this list, it is on Gruden as much as it is on Mayock.

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