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Silver Minings: Darren Waller wants to help Tim Tebow

A little tight end love never hurts

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Las Vegas Raiders
Darren Waller
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There was a big name missing from last month’s Tight End University summit in Nashville when the NFL’s best players at the position worked out together.

Tim Tebow was not invited. It was understandable, of course. Tebow, 33, hasn’t played in the NFL in nine years and he is just now trying to play the position. Yet, Tebow is not completely being shunned. Las Vegas Raiders star tight end Darren Waller told TMZ Sports he would be happy to help Tebow in his transition to playing tight end,

“I tried to find any information I could from watching guys play or asking people when I moved,” Waller told the outlet. “So I’d love to continue to pass that on and help him be a better player ... Football is in his blood,” Waller said. “So I feel like he’ll find a way. He’ll find a way. He’s physical, he’s athletic. So I wish him nothing but the best going forward.”

Waller has overcome substance abuse and is now thriving, so it’s great to see him being willing to pay it forward to another player at his position.

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