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Silver Minings: Remembering Ken Stabler

Raiders’ legend has been gone for six years

Oakland Raiders

This is an emotional week for the legacy of the Raiders.

July 4 would have been the 92nd birthday of legendary Raiders’ owner Al Davis. He died in 2011, but his legacy lives at Allegiant Stadium when the Al Davis Torch is lit every game.

Six years ago on Thursday, Raiders Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Ken “Snake” Stabler died in his native Alabama after a battle with cancer at age 69. He would have turned 70 that Christmas Day. I remember being extremely sad over Snake’s passing ... I still am, really.

He was my favorite athlete as a kid, I just adored him. To me, he’s the coolest player ever to lace them up. The anniversary of his death will always be a time of reflection for me as I’m sure it is for many, many members of this community.

To mark the emotional anniversary, has this cool story looking back at Stabler’s unique summer football camp for kids in his beloved home state in the 1970s. It put a smile on my face as Snake always did.

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