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Mike Mayock tests positive for COVID-19

Raiders’ general manager will be away from the team after positive test, but is “grateful” that he is vaccinated

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Las Vegas Raiders
Mike Mayock
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders are no strangers when it comes to facing COVID-19 issues. Last season, they were one of — if not the most — penalized organizations in the NFL when it came to the virus, and they’ve already dealt with a few setbacks in the beginning stages of the 2021 campaign.

Unfortunately, the Raiders came across another bump in the COVID road with general manager Mike Mayock testing positive, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Monday.

At 62 years old, Mayock is at a greater risk of having severe symptoms from the virus, but the silver lining is he’s vaccinated and is feeling “very good”, per Schefter’s tweet. The general manager will be working from home until he clears the NFL’s protocol, which is notably more lenient for vaccinated players and staff members. Once he’s asymptomatic and has two negative tests that are 24 hours apart, Mayock can return to business as usual.

Of course, Mayock’s health is the biggest area of concern here, but football-wise, this shouldn’t impact the Raiders too much. General managers certainly want to be in the building and observing practice in person, but that can be done digitally as well since nearly every second of NFL practices are recorded. It’s just not the preferred method of operations.

We at Silver and Black Pride wish Mayock a speedy recovery and wish his family well as this is certainly some discomforting news to hear about a loved one at this time.