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Raiders training camp: More inside info

Raiders’ camp tidbits

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Rams
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

A couple of weeks ago, we offered some inside thoughts from inside the Las Vegas Raiders’ organization in the early portion of training camp.

We got a chance to get some more thoughts from some folks inside the team after their two-day scrimmage work with — and then a preseason game against — the Los Angeles Rams last week.

Let’s dig in:

Thoughts on fights with Rams:
The Raiders’ brass wasn’t thrilled about the fighting with Rams players during Wednesday’s and Thursday’s joint workouts. Thursday’s session ended with one period still remaining.

Still, no one was surprised. These types of things happen during joint practices. It was also no surprise to the Las Vegas staff that the big blow ups happened during special teams work. These are where guys are trying to make the team and often tensions boil over. The Raiders were pleased there weren’t many issues during the game with the Rams on Saturday night.

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams Joint Practice
Gus Bradley
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Impressed with Bradley:
The Raiders have been excited about the impact of new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley since the offseason. But after the two preseason games and the practices with the Rams, they are extremely pleased with what they have seen. They love Bradley’s scheme and how players are being put into the right position to make plays. Las Vegas isn’t giving up big plays and the unit looks much more competitive.

Bradley’s scheme work is getting noticed.

Oakland Raiders v New York Jets
Zay Jones

Loving the receivers:
The Raiders are happy with their receivers, especially slot receiver Hunter Renfrow and backup Zay Jones. The Raiders don’t think Renfrow’s success against Rams’ great cornerback Jalen Ramsey was a fluke and they expect Renfrow to have a big season in 2021. They also think Jones will find a role in the rotation and have success in 2021 after a lackluster first 26 games with the Raiders.

Thousand Oaks was a needed break from the heat:
The week in L.A. refreshed the Raiders for a few reasons. It was great for the team to get a short retreat from the scorching Las Vegas heat. But it also gave the team time to bond on the road together. The Raiders’ staff really like the makeup of this roster as the team gets along very well and the staff thinks that will go a long way during the season. Everyone is rooting for each other.