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Raiders 49ers 1st half notes

Quick observations from the game

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams Joint Practice
Gerald McCoy
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sitting in the press box waiting for halftime to end so I figured I’d share a few notes from the first half of the Las Vegas Raiders and San Francisco 49ers game.

  • Gerald McCoy is as advertised

McCoy has been wreaking havoc all game, including when San Francisco’s starters were in. The coaching staff talked about how he looked quick and explosive when they worked him out and it’s showing. He’s unblockable right now.

  • Struggling Nevin Lawson

It almost feels like the 49ers have a game plan to pick on him. Lawson has been targeted frequently and given up a handful of catches and has been bailed out by a drop or two. It’s worth noting that Nate Hobbs didn’t even make the trip so that should say something about Lawson’s status with the team when he returns from suspension.

  • Ragas pulling ahead of Emmons

The outcome of this fight might have been determined already, but Ragas is winning this round so far. Emmons fumbled, the Raiders recovered though, and Ragas has looked good with the ball in his hands, breaking several arm tackles and he’s been tough to bring down.

  • John Brown getting playing time isn’t a good sign

The veteran wideout has gotten a decent amount of run but hasn’t done much with it. Right now, he’s getting outshined by Dillon Stoner and Brown might be in for some bad news on Tuesday...

  • Devery Hamilton getting beat

Finding a fourth offensive tackle that can hold up in pass protection has been an issue for Las Vegas all preseason and Hamilton doesn't look like the answer either. I’ve noticed him getting beat around the edge and letting the pocket collapse against bull rushers. I think the Raiders will be looking to see what veteran tackles get cut this week and try to pick someone up, barring a drastic change of events in the second half.