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Raiders 2021: Fans predict double-digit victories for Las Vegas

Big success coming this season?

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Las Vegas Raiders
Raiders celebrate
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There is no denying, another lackluster season by the Las Vegas Raiders will not be tolerated by their fan base.

Expectations are simply sky high in the Raider Nation. The fan base expects big results.

We already knew this. In a recent Silver and Black Pride poll, 70 percent of the people in a poll that had more than 850 votes cast, said, yes, they do expect Jon Gruden’s team to advance to the 2021 NFL postseason.

To follow that up last week, we wanted to know what exactly Raiders fans expect the Raiders to do in this new 17-game NFL season?

We gave fans options: 12 wins or more, 10-11 wins, 8-9 wins, 5-7 and four our less victories. Fans were not shy in this poll in which had 651 votes cast.

The winner was 10-11 wins for Las Vegas as a whopping 61 percent of the votes went that way. Twenty-five percent of the voters think the Raiders will win 8-9 games. No one expect them to win four or less games. Seven percent of the voters are totally bought in on this team as they expect 12 or more wins, which would qualify Las Vegas as being an elite team in 2021.

I can’t wait to see what happens especially with the fan base expecting so much.