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Silver Minings: Charles Woodson talks family in Hall of Fame speech

Legendary Raiders DB spoke about how much family, both by blood and uniform, meant to him during his career

NFL Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony
Charles Woodson
Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

A Heisman Trophy winner, a Super Bowl Champion and now, a Hall of Fame member.

Only five people in the history of the NFL can call themselves by those three titles — and you can’t tell the history of football without Raiders legend Charles Woodson.

Woodson was inducted into football’s most prestigious club on Sunday and gave a beautiful speech about his family and how they pushed him to have such an iconic career.

The defensive back’s ceremony started with a video encapsulating his career, from with his Defensive Rookie of the Year selection as an Oakland Raider, to hoisting the Lombardi Trophy as a Green Bay Packer, and wrapping up with his return to The Town. Even his famous quote about going to see President Obama after beating the Chicago Bears in the 2011 NFC Championship was featured.

Narrating the video was Woodson’s inductor, his mother. Mrs. Woodson perfectly wrapped up the montage highlighting her son’s accomplishments by stating: “This is the perfect completion to a career [that] he gave his heart, body, mind and soul to.”

When the former Raider finally stepped up to the podium, he took a moment to begin his speech. He stepped back for a moment and chants of “Raaaiiidddeerrrsss” could be heard through the telecast. Then, Woodson started his speech with: “I think I lost a bet” as he wiped tears away.

Woodson talked about how his mother shaped him and said that she is where his passion and work ethic comes from. The Hall of Famer would speak extensively about his mother and delivered an iconic quote about her parenting: “They say a woman can’t raise a man, I call bullshit.”

For those that are unaware, Woodson grew up in a single-parent household.

As he continued to fight tears, Woodson revealed that his sister is currently fighting against COVID-19, and how she was a major support system for him throughout his career. The Raiders legend then thanked his brothers for toughening him up, joking that fighting with them was what prepared him to go through the 2002 Super Bowl run with a broken leg.

Woodson would go on to talk about how his kids have made him the best version of himself. He shared that his children changed his perspective on life, and gave a passionate speech with many words of wisdom to his two sons.

Finally, the Hall of Famer called for his teammates from high school, college, the Packers and of course, for all of Raider Nation to stand up. He wanted to acknowledge everyone who supported him throughout his career, teammates, coaches and even fans.

After reciting the long list of his accomplishments, Woodson wrapped the night up by talking about how “they,” his extended family, did it together.

“When I go in, we all go in. Thank you, we’re in the Hall of Fame, baby,” were his parting words.

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