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Raiders fans should keep an eye on Michael Thomas

Saints’ star WR has icy relationship with his team

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
Michael Thomas
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Thanks to the non-stop push by Derek Carr, the Raider Nation is on full-blown Davante Adams watch.

While Adams’ situation is still very much fluid with the Green Bay Packers, it may be worth the time of the Raider Nation to monitor what is going on in New Orleans between the Saints and star wide receiver Michael Thomas. The way this thing is going, it wouldn’t be surprise if Thomas is made available by the offseason at the latest.

Seemingly, every day there is new evidence of things the relationship between the team and Thomas is falling apart. Over the weekend, there was report that Thomas ignored calls and messages from the team during the offseason and the team is frustrated that he waited so long to have surgery, which could cost him playing time this season. On Monday, Thomas tweeted out this cryptic message:

Usually when a relationship between a team and a player goes down this road, it gets worse, not better.

If the Saints feel like they have to jettison Thomas, 28, there will be a lot of interest and surely it would pique the interest of Jon Gruden. He loves playmakers and Thomas, when healthy, is a premier player.

Yes, the Antonio Brown trade didn’t work out. The Raiders thought they could make him happy unlike the the Pittsburgh Steelers did. Of course, it didn’t work — but Gruden has since said he wouldn’t be afraid to make another similar trade.

A Thomas departure from New Orleans may not be imminent, but if it gets to that point, surely, the Raiders would be interested in taking Thomas off the Saints’ hands.