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Weekly Game Picks: Staff and S&BP Fans

Getting ready for the upcoming season

Raiders Home Opponents 2021

Hey Silver and Black Pride fans, this year we will be bringing back the fan community weekly game picks to the front page. We will comparing the fan’s weekly picks against the staff has always been a great way of building community, competing, and gaining bragging rights around here at Silver and Black Pride.

Seattle Seahawks v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Mooniac, a member since 2012, has graciously offered his services as the administrator of a Yahoo pick-em group. He also created this group last year and during previous seasons so he knows the drill. Please sign up using the information below:

Silver and Black Pride Fans Pick-em (Click the hyperlink)

  • Group ID: 12919
  • Password: raiders21 (case sensitive)

We hope to see a great turnout this year. The Silver and Black Pride staff will also be taking part, as myself, Bill, Marcus, and Matt will see if we can beat some of the big shots in the fan section of the site.

Can’t wait to resume this great Silver and Black Pride tradition.