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Silver Minings: Jon Gruden is confident in his young offensive line.

Jon Gruden displays confidence in his young offensive line.

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Las Vegas Raiders v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Offensive line turnover for the Las Vegas Raiders is every media pundit concern for the 2021 season. It is a glaring question mark for the offense, and we will finally find out if it will become an issue this season.

Inside the building, the confidence in the young players is sky high, with Jon Gruden addressing this at his press conference Saturday.

“I think Alex Leatherwood has been trained pretty good to play in front of big crowds. He’s a two-time National Champion. Andre James is in his third year. John Simpson has been in a big arena his whole life. So, these guys are anxious to start forming their own identity and they realize they have big shoes to fill. I think they are confident that they can come together and be a good unit.”

The Raiders will plan around this. Gruden has found ways to move the football with worse players on the offensive line. The worst offensive line was back in 2018, and the Raiders still finished 17th in EPA according to with Jordy Nelson and Jared Cook.

It will be a huge test with the Baltimore Ravens blitz-centric defensive scheme. Hopefully, the players are up to the challenge.

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