Game Time!

The wait is over Nation! Finally the Raiders are back and on prime time. Exactly where they should be. I know all of the "experts" are calling for a loss but I remain optimistic. The Ravens are one of the baddest groups of players in the NFL but here we come, baby! The Raiders are ready to go 2021.

Regardless of outcome, I expect a fired up team hitting the field led by an experienced QB in Derek Carr and a disciplined, fast, D with playmakers on all 3 levels. No more freebies.

These guys need our positive support today AND TOMORROW. It's a 17 game season and this product is just getting started. Don't fire Mayock tonight or anoint Carr the MVP. My one guarantee is, is the players that Grudock has put together these last 3 years are going to fly around the field and be fun to watch. That has been a long time coming.

Let's do this Raider Nation! It's game time!