Raiders one of Week 1's biggest home underdogs

The Raiders once again start their journey towards their first playoff appearance since 2016. They have a tough start going up against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 1.

Still, if the Raiders are going to overcome and find a way to claim one of the AFC's 7 playoff spots, then they'll need to beat some of the best teams in the league. That's especially true when they're at home.


The Raiders are on the biggest home underdogs of Week 1. They're 4 point underdogs, and they're given +175 odds. At +175, the Raiders are given just a 36.4% chance to win in Week 1.

Those odds are really underselling what oddsmakers think of the team. Home teams by default are given a 3 point advantage just for having home field advantage. So, to be +4 at home means they'd be +7 in Baltimore. In other words, oddsmakers see this as a complete mismatch.

Matchup history

The Raiders and Ravens have met 12 times in their history. The Raiders have won just 3 of those games. With those wins coming in 2003, 2015, and 2016.

To say the Raiders have struggled against the Ravens would be an understatement. Each of the Raiders three wins came by just 1 score. Meanwhile, the Ravens average win has been by 15 points.

The Ravens have simply dominated this matchup in the past.


The Ravens bein such big favorites is honestly a surprise. Sure they're one of the most talented teams in the NFL, but they're also dealing wit injuries left and right. They're without RBs, CBs, Rashod Bateman is out. They kind of look like a worse version of the team they had last year with all these injuries piling up.

That makes them vulnerable, especially in Week 1 as they're trying to iron out their kinks. So, to see them given such a massive advantage over the Raiders is a surprise. I think some people may be shocked by how close this game really ends up being.