was that rollercoaster as good for you as it was for me!

watching waller drop balls the first half and still forcing him the ball stressed me out. the kool aid was still flowing thou. then the second half just one high followed by another low. that whole end of the half sequence of giving up the field goal. i looked at my friend whos a bills fan and said we got this watch will do it in less then 3 plays. all i got back was good luck man im not sure your heart can take overtime. so i grabbed my drink and buckled in harder.

before the game i said watch leatherhead will do something dumb today and we wont hear the end of it and man i thought after that overtime interception we were screwed sideways. but our defense man our lowly ranked never talked highly of defense came through when we needed them most. gruden what was your brain doing on that final series im screaming just kick a f'n field goal and end this ride my hearts gonna explode.....blammmo TD zay jones we win JUST WIN BABY take what we want not whats given. leatherhead looked good today not amazing but good its game one and the gaff dosent matter anymore move on to week 2.