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Tape Don't Lie Show: Week 1 film review vs the Ravens

Tape Don’t Lie breaks down everything Week 1 vs the Ravens

Baltimore Ravens v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders win a massive game against the Baltimore Ravens, and the boys have finished grinding the all-22. What happened vs. the Ravens?

-Andre James vs. the run-Fans wondered about the performance of Andre James against the run, especially after the fourth and 1.

-Offensive line pass protection-Did the pass protection holdup? What is the outlook going forward? We break it down.

-Bryan Edwards-Edwards breaks out during the final part of the game. What changed from early on to the end of the game?

-Defensive game plan-How did the Raiders slow down Lamar Jackson? Why was it effective?

-Maxx Crosby-Maxx Crosby put on a show on a national stage. What does it mean for the young pass rusher's future?

And much more!

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