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NFL Week 2 Game Picks

Silver and Black Pride Staff and Community game picks

Baltimore Ravens v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Silver and Black Pride staff took some lumps this week. As did the rest of the football watching world. There were some odd games, close calls, and upsets around the league. The AFC West and NFC West each came out of week 1 with no losses, the only two divisions to do so. Must be something about the weather on the West Coast.

Matt, Bill, and Marcus each are tied with 11 correct picks. Meanwhile yours truly only predicted 9 correct. Here are our picks for the upcoming week of NFL action:

This week there is a lot of consensus among the staff. A few games however stick out. Bill is the only writer who likes Cincinnati over Chicago. Meanwhile Marcus likes Houston over Cleveland and Miami over Buffalo. Matt is calling it for Minnesota over Arizona and Baltimore to shake it off and bounce back against the Chiefs.

Now it’s this writer’s turn to dog the Raiders and pick Pittsburgh to win. Home against a great team is going to be tougher than what they pulled off on Monday night. Not to mention on a short week. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

Fan Community Leaderboard

The fans did an admirable job with a 6 way tie for 10 correct picks. Wall so Hard (great name) predicted an incredible 13 correct games. RaiderRoy and RaiderBorn each with an outstanding 12 correct picks.

  1. Wall so Hard - 13
  2. Raider Roy - 12
  3. RaiderBorn - 12
  4. ColoRaider - 11
  5. NYraider - 11
  6. Raider J.Fro - 11
  7. Watson - 11
  8. torindorn4life - 10
  9. Mooniac - 10
  10. Tree Kangaroo - 10
  11. ChickenwangRaider - 10
  12. ky#1 - 10
  13. Ren Hoek - 10