Carr's on Pace....

AG8Or7C.0.gif set a career mark for fumbles in a single season. For a guy that's top 5 in turnovers since 2017 - and more specifically - has had plenty of trouble keeping the ball off of the ground, that's saying something.

Now, I'm quite sure some of you may have clicked, thinking I was going to highlight the pace that Derek's on in terms of yards. Or maybe you thought I was going to make Derek's case for MVP after 2 games. No, not after nearly 20 years of disappointment. After all that we've been through, I want loose ends tied.

I've seen that some of us are already tired of the inconsistent accuracy, as he's underthrowing and overthrowing guys aplenty thus far. The interception in the end zone....we all saw that the ball was thrown high and 110 mph. Of course, Snead couldn't bring it in. Hell, I'd give prime Randy Moss a 50/50 chance at that one....maybe even less since Randy didn't really run those routes. But that was just one instance on that Monday night. Derek underthrew, and threw behind so many guys that night that Russell Wilson was giving pointers on how to - not - underthrow/throw behind receivers on the Peyton/Eli broadcast of the game.

These issues obviously haven't hurt the team in the win column - yet. But they're issues that need to be cleaned up, and they're issues that will become more pronounced if the defense continues to play well. Because if the defense continues to play well, the excuses for this team falling short will have dried up. Now, I believe the ball placement on Derek's attempts could get at least a little better as the season goes on - when he's in better rhythm. But the team isn't likely to be fortunate enough to continue to recover all of these fumbles.

Anyway, I don't post much - if at all - during the season. But now that Derek's been banged up a little, and his mobility's in question against a good/healthy defense this weekend, naturally my worries about ball security are heightened....especially with a running game that's struggling, so here I am. If Derek can't move around and evade contact as well as he has thus far....can he just hold on to the ball when he's caught and let Cole set up our revamped defense? Because eventually we're going to run into a team that has a couple of corners that are solid against the quick passing game....

....speak of the devil - the last time we played the Dolphins, our " top 10 offense " didn't convert a single 3rd down in the game. Not one. Pretty sure I don't need to tell you guys how important 3rd down is in football. It's the money down and our offense went 0 for 10 on 3rd down in that game against those Miami defensive backs. One of the worst games I've ever witnessed when you combine the pathetic offensive showing on 3rd down with the blown coverage by Arnette to end the game ( Arnette - who continues to look like a mess, BTW).

Overall, Derek's playing the way he pretty much always does....he's doing some good things and some bad things. He's given credit for being captain comeback while also being a main cog in the team falling behind by multiple scores. But he's been good enough 8 quarters into the season. Just has to stop all of the fumbling and underthrowing/overthrowing guys because those off target attempts can turn into deflections/interceptions.

Everyone always points to 2016 as Derek's best season....he only fumbled 5 times that season. Thus far, he's put the ball on the ground 3 times in 2 games. Clean it up. Decent start. Get better. The goal is still the Lombardi Trophy.