What do you guys think of Vic Tafur?

My take is he gets real info although incomplete and has a smug attitude when drawing his own conclusions. For example, he was correct about there being a shake up in the Raiders front office. However, he implied that it was because of "Mayock" (How many times has Gruden and Mayock said they collaborateon the picks) having picked Leatherwood and other picks in the past, which is asinine. As it turns out, the reasons had to so with the Raider either underpayment or over paying taxes depending on the report you read and Tafur left the whole thing hanging. He also predicted Mayock's departure two seasons ago. When another report brought this up to Mayock in a presser in the off season, he seemed genuinely taken aback and confused by where this news came from. He implied that Ferrell could be had for the right price. While this is technically true for him and most players depending on the compensation, I highly doubt this is likely in that Bradley clearly stated how much he wanted to have depth on the DL. Unless a trade is imminent, why say it? Is the goal to be dramatic or? What do you guys think?