Here is a question ive been thinking about pretty heavily the last week. We're blessed here to have numerous guys that contribute to the post boards with great football knowledge.

Salary cap wise and extensions, how do you guys think it's going to play out.

Derek Carr: If he plays this way most of the season they've got to extend him right? Is it going to be like last time when they made him the highest paid qb? One year left after this season. Would be about 45 million a year.

Max Crosby: is he worth Watt and Mack money? 28 million a year. I believe he only has 1 year left after this season as well.

Trayvon Mullen: I hear it stayted all the time that he's our top CB. (That's debatable with the way Casey Hayward is playing). What's a good contract player and contract comparison for Mullen, I'd have to believe they'd want to keep him around. He also only has 1 year left after this season.

You could even throw in Josh Jacobs, he's got one year left after this plus his 5th year option. Im seeing that we have about 40 million and change next year after signing draft picks. How do we make this work, and still have money to go after free agents and so forth. It'll be interesting what our cap situation will be like in 2 years....

Great news, is we finally have guys worthy to re-sign!