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Silver Minings: NFL penalties are not really a major issue yet

Raiders have been flagged 15 times in two games

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans
Jon Gruden
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s face it, in the eyes of NFL coaches, players and fans, one penalty is too much (if its against their own team, of course).

But there has been a narrative that NFL officials have been yellow flag happy in the first two weeks of the season. However, as my good friend and longtime colleague Kevin Seifert of ESPN points out, that storyline is not necessarily true in the big picture.

It seems like the 2020 season was the outlier in terms of recent penalty trends. Your Las Vegas Raiders have been penalized 15 times in two games, according to The Football Database. That puts the Raiders in the top 12 most penalized teams so far. The Philadelphia Eagles lead the league with 22 flags.

In 2020, the Raiders were penalized 98 times, which was tied for the eight most in the league. In 2019, the Raiders were penalized a whopping 128 times, which was third in the NFL and in 2018, Jon Gruden’s first season back, the Raiders were penalized 110 times, which was the 18th most in the NFL.

The Raiders are currently on pace for 127 penalties in the new 17-game format.

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