Pathetic: Carr took responsibility for a mistake but Carr Stans won't let him.

Today Derek Carr threw a pick 6 early in the game. Let this stat resonate: He was 0-10 when throwing a pick 6. Somehow his comeback skills are dormant under these conditions. But that streak has ended. I give him props for three things:

1. He got the win and didn't let let the pick 6 rattle him.

2. After the Ravens game, he said he was going to work on his accuracy and ball placement. Apparently he doesn't think he is perfect.

3. He SAID the INT was on him and that he made a mistake.

Now, if you are above football novice level, you know that you don't run across a shallow zone, you sit down in a "window", the space between where one zone ends and where one begins. In the play in question? Moreau did just that. He even sneaks a peak at the defensive backfield to position himself before he "sits down." The reason you do this is because the opposite side defender has eyes on the WR and the QB and can break on the ball/catch point and cause all sorts of bad things to happen. If you watch the replay, the linebacker didn't even have to move.....because he was in zone.

Now Carr specifically said he was under the pressure of the blitz and didn't want to take a sack. The controversy that really wasn't is now over, yet CarrAnon won't let it go. They are now claiming Carr lied because he didn't want to throw Moreau under the bus!! I can't with you clowns. Do you realize you just gave him a career pass? "Carr is too much of a saint to tell the truth, so he I'd forced to lie." Carr is playing extremely well, but seriously get a life. No man is perfect. Stop the hero worship, it's disgusting.