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Raiders Week 3 film review: Impact play

First in a film related series examining an impact play from the Raiders last contest

Baltimore Ravens v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Recognizing an impact effort from the previous game is something that has been in the works for awhile now. For the record, the previous Las Vegas Raiders recipients of this recognition would have been KJ Wright (Week 1, 4th down TFL) and Henry Ruggs (Week 2, 61 yard touchdown) for making a big play when the team needed it the most.

The Week 3 Impact Play goes to Alec Ingold. The do-it-all fullback had a good game based off the broadcast footage. He helped pave the way for the Peyton Barber’s career high 111 yards and 1 touchdown. Ingold also added a 1 yard catch for a TD on a variation of Gruden’s trademark Spider 2 play action series.

However the Week 3 impact play goes to Alec for his fumble recovery on the goal-line before his eventual TD catch. The Raiders were losing 14-5 at this point in the game. A great downfield pass hauled in by Henry Ruggs for 23 yards put the Raiders in Miami territory. A few more first down hookups from Carr to Waller, then Ruggs again, assisted by an unnecessary roughness call placed the Raiders with the ball at the Miami 4 yard line.

1st and Goal and the Raiders run lead zone to the left. Barber receives the hand-off and Ingold picks up a block on a penetrating defensive lineman. Barbers cuts once behind Ingold and again behind the double team of Simpson and James. Barber and Elandon Roberts collide in the hole and the ball pops up 8 feet in the air.

The Wisconsin product showed why he was recruited as an athlete out of high school. Ingold elevates and snags the ball out of the air almost at its highest point. Credit to Ingold who showed the wherewithal to attempt to score after recovering the loose ball. Surely Gruden sought to reward the fullback for a heads up play. The next attempt went to him for the Raiders first touchdown of the game.