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Carl Nassib joins Darren Waller’s podcast to discuss coming out

First openly gay active NFL player goes in-depth about his process

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
Carl Nassib
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Score another one for Darren Waller.

The Las Vegas Raiders’ tight end is not only an elite player with a nose for the end zone, but he scored a big coup as a podcaster when teammate Carl Nassib joined him to discuss in-depth his process of coming out as the NFL’s first openly gay player this summer. It was the first time Nassib has talked at length about his decision.

Waller hosts Comeback Stories on the Blue Wire Podcast network with co-host Donny Starkin, an international yoga instructor, mindfulness teacher, and personal development coach. Recently, Nassib joined Waller and Starkin at the Blue Wire Studios at the Wynn Las Vegas for a fascinating 37-minute interview.

Nassib was at ease and felt comfortable enough to mention his boyfriend in the interview. He also explained why he felt the need to go public with his announcement in June.

”What other fucking gay dude has to come out to his entire fucking business?” Nassib said to Waller and Starkin. “I did it because I felt an obligation to the LGBTQ community.”

Blue Wire CEO Kevin Jones said the interview was an important get for his company.

”A powerful, vulnerable conversation between two Raiders teammates inside Blue Wire Studios,” Jones said. “I created this business for these kinds of safe spaces where athletes can get real with each other without fear. Carl is a super inspiring human who is going to help so many people talking openly like this about sexuality. Darren is using his podcast to spark dialogue in ways unlike other athletes. Big day at Blue Wire showcasing where this company is heading.”

Watch and listen to the full interview via YouTube in the link below.