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This is not the gift young Chiefs’ fans expected

Ballgate: An honest mistake or a Raider Nation prank?

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Down goes Mahomes
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Well, this rivalry just went to the next level.

All the way to the elementary school playground. It’s on now.

A hilarious development occurred when a Kansas grammar school ordered a ton of Kansas City Chiefs’ balls to celebrate the start of the school year and the NFL season kicking off. When the order was received from Amazon, school officials were in for quite a shock.

They got footballs alright — Las Vegas Raiders’ balls.

According to a report by Las Vegas television KTNV 13, the caper has baffled the fine folks at an Olathe, Kansas, school. Suzanne Seck of Heritage Elementary School wants to know if it was simply a shipping fumble or a “dirty trick” by someone.

A check of the order did confirm that Seck ordered Kansas City footballs and not Raiders footballs, and the shipping boxes was labeled that was containing in Chiefs’ merch. Sticking to their fandom, the school has no plans of using the Raiders’ balls they received and are hoping it all gets figured out so that their school children get to throw the footballs of their home area heroes.

Perhaps the Raider Nation moves in mysterious ways. Maybe if the Raiders win in Arrowhead again this season, Las Vegas coach Jon Gruden will instruct the team bus drivers to make another delivery to the school.

Oh, what a season this is going to be.