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Best ways to enjoy watching a Raiders’ game at home

Can’t get to Las Vegas for a game? Make plans for the ultimate homegating experience instead

Allegiant Stadium Prepares To Host First Las Vegas Raiders Home Game
Raiders fans
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As we gear up for the 2021 NFL season, we are exploring many different ways to prepare to watch the Las Vegas Raiders in the perfect setting.

Today, we present the ultimate Homegating experience ... which is just like tailgating but in the comfort of your own home, without having to stand in line for overpriced beer and burgers, or struggling to catch an Uber after the game when you should be celebrating the Raiders’ win.

This may be one of the most popular seasons to watch the Raiders at home. With ticket prices at Allegiant Stadium sky-high and with the tight COVID-19 vaccine guidelines in Las Vegas, more and more fans may opt to watch games from the comfort of their own couch in 2021.

So, take some notes and please add some homegating tips of your own in the comment section below:

Nothing sets the tone for game day like what you’re going to wear. If you were attending the stadium in person, there is no doubt you would gets some fresh new gear. You might as well do it for a season at home, as well. Maybe a Tre’von Moehrig No. 25 jersey or a new Yannick Ngakoue No. 91 to celebrate the new Raiders’ rookies should be part of your 2021 wardrobe? Here’s a link to our Silver and Black Pride Raiders FanShop to help you with your game-day gear.

Just because this is a Homegating guide, it doesn’t necessarily mean you must watch the game at your home. Watching a game at a house is all about maximizing the perks. If your Uncle Louie has the biggest TV screen in the family, head on over. If your pal Maggie has a sweet outdoor living room, crash her pad every Sunday. Watching Raiders’ football is about comfort and a party atmosphere. Select your home of the day carefully and — make sure you have a sober DD to get you home safely.

Just below location, the second priority when it comes to watching a game at home is who you are with. I like big crowds and to mix it up with family and friends. The key in sports is watching games with like-minded folks. Of course, we’re an inclusive society ... but not on game day, however. Nothing kills the buzz of watching a game than having someone from enemy territory (i.e. no Chiefs or Chargers fans allowed). Sorry, we’ll talk to you tomorrow. Raiders with fellow Raiders on game day only.

OK, let’s face it, this is vital. Food is always a first-round pick on game day. Full disclosure: This section is a killer for me. I’m shedding weight (down 80 pounds in five months!), so I may have to close me eyes during this one. I like the Super Bowl as much as any holiday because of the food and party atmosphere. So why not make every Raiders game the Super Bowl? And there’s 17 of them this year (not counting the postseason, of course). While I’ll be chewing carrots on game day, make a heaping pile of nachos and ribs for me. That’s my game-day go-to style.

Just Zoom it, baby:
It’s a virtual world, right? There is no reason why you can only enjoy the Raiders in 2021 simply with the people who are in your physical presence. The beauty of the Raider Nation is that it’s a world-league outfit. Zoom up your cousin in Boston or your buddy in Rome. They’ll all be following the game anyway, so you might as well enjoy it together even though you’re thousands of miles apart.

The Raiders are going to win every week, right? So, you might as well plan to celebrate. You’re a mini Super Bowl parade after each game. Get your music ready, and of course, the beverage of your liking lined up. We obsessed about the NFL and Raiders’ football for 365 days. We are only guaranteed 17 of these game days this year. Make it special and make the most of it. Remember, Monday morning is coming anyway, so you might as well dictate the terms. A Raider win is always worth a morning-after headache.