- CARR, YOU MUST STAY COMPOSED. Let me repeat that again. CARR, YOU MUST STAY COMPOSED. Do your woosahs all week until gametime. Become one with the earth or some sh*t. The last game against the Bengals, you were getting a bit skiddish and overthrowing screen passes because you were rushing your throws to avoid getting hit. I get it. It's easy for me to say from my cozy couch, but I do empathize with you. Yes, you may get hit. Yes, it may hurt. But, you must compose yourself until that ball leaves your hands, even if the defender is barreling down on you and you see your impending doom coming. If for nothing else, at least stay composed on screen passes. That's our key to winning this game. Don't go all or nothing on your throws. Find the open guy downfield and focus in on getting the ball from your hand to theirs. You MUST complete the pass. Trust that the hits will come but also trust that you can get back up and continue dissecting their defense. Their secondary truly is hot garbage and if you can channel your inner Aaron Rodgers this game, against these guys, you can show the world your true potential.

- O-LINE, if you can keep the pocket clean for DC, he can dissect their defense. He is relying on you. We are all relying on you. Dig DEEP again. Their D-Line is weak sauce, and their secondary is trash juice. They will put up points on offense, no doubt, but we have the advantage because we can also put up points and our defense is much better than theirs.

- MARIOTA, if you come in on any plays, they seem to have fits against mobile QBs. Something to note. Protect yourself though and if you see Bates coming your way, slide. Don't take that hit.

- PHYSICAL RECEIVERS, their secondary eats a ton of stiff arms. Good, let's add some more to their diet. For our receivers who have power in their upper limbs, stiff arm the sh*t out of their secondary but make sure to protect the ball first. That is priority #1 or else someone will punch or strip out the ball from your blindside. We can out physical their DB's. Bates is a hitter though. Keep that in mind.

- SMALLER RECEIVERS, just do what you've been doing to teams. But, if you want to kill them with crossing routes, this is a team you can probably do it to.

- RUNNING BACKS, run it outside. You can run inside too, but outside is where they take real damage. Also, screen plays should be our bread and butter this game. Hit them with a few good ones and keep their LBs honest.

- ANY PHYSICAL RECEIVER that is one-on-one against Hilton should get a 50/50 ball thrown their way. That dude is made out of popsicle sticks against physical receivers and he is easy to punk on those 50/50s. Take position in front of him and make him look like a chump.


DB'S, I think you already know how solid Chase and Higgins are. Don't forget about Boyd either. He's a part of that three-headed monster that they have at WR. Last time they attacked Facyson. They probably will again. Get him some help if needed.

FACYSON, any assignment you get on Saturday will be a tough one. Just be wary of the avoidable and costly penalties.

PASS RUSHERS, Burrow drops back 3-5 smedium steps, plants his foot, then throws a bullet. If you can time it right, you can throw him off of his rhythm by getting the inside edge or try to push the Tackle right into him. Try not to over pursue and end up behind him. If possible, cut inside and put hands to his face, but don't hit his mask. If he takes more than four steps or if he starts off taking larger strides, he's either uncomfortable or he's about to throw a medium to deep pass in which case you need to really home in on him. He can improvise very well. If he shuffles his feet while running backwards, he's probably going to handoff, screen pass, or playaction. I know that doesn't help much but the point is if you can get a quick glimpse of what he does with his feet, you can probably guess what he's about to do with his arms. You played against Sherbert like you were guarding Durant (one hand in his field of vision or both hands up) but you have to play Burrow like you would Curry (two hands up in his field of vision if possible and pray for an errant throw).

D-LINE, Burrow is not a mobile QB. He will run if the sticks are less than 6 yds away and the down is an important one or it's close to the Goal Line, but he's usually just hanging out in the pocket and throwing rockets for the most part.

LBs, you've got Mixon and Perine to deal with. Sucks to be you because that's a tough assignment. They both have power, speed, and Mixon can juke you smooth out of your cleats. We need you guys to play your best game this season as a unit. Mixon seems more dangerous than he really is. He's only put up over 100 vs. 3 teams (Min, LV, and Pit game #2). He's dropped 90yds 2 times. Everything else was 80 or under. The Jets held him to 33 yds, led by Mosley. KC held him to 46 yds, led by Hitchens. LAC held him to 54yds, led by White and Tranquill. What they have in common are they are good LBs, but they aren't Vegas LBs. Our LBs can shut Mixon down on Saturday.


O-LINE, watch out for Chidobe Awuzie. That dude is almost always a few centimeters away from blocking a Field Goal kick. He sometimes causes kicks to miss with how close he gets. Just watch out for #22.


There were 10 games in which Chase had less than 80 yds receiving.

54 vs Chi, 65 vs Pit #1, 32 vs NYJ, 49 vs Cle #1, 32 vs LV, 39 vs Pit #2, 52 vs LAC, 77 vs SF, 3 vs. Den, 26 vs Cle #2.

Cincinatti lost 6 of those games.

54 vs Chi, 32 vs NYJ, 49 vs Cle #1, 52 vs LAC, 77 vs SF, 26 vs Cle #2.

And they almost lost a 7th.

3 vs. Den

He was the leading receiver in only 1 of those 10 games of less than 80 yds and Cin still won.

65 vs Pit #1

He wasn't really needed in two of those 10 games because Mixon carved those teams up with over 100 yds rushing.

32 vs LV, 39 vs Pit #2

I don't really count 1 of those 6 losses because Burrow didn't start.

26 vs Cle #2

The only loss Cin had in which Chase had a great game was against the best record in the NFL and arguably the best QB. GB's Rodgers.

What this tells me is if we shut down Chase and Mixon and force Burrow to beat us with other players, we have our best chance at winning this weekend. It's Vegas Baby, just play the odds.

Oh.. and JUST keep WINning BABY!