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Silver Minings: Raiders’ games are heavily officiated

Raiders’ games are flag fests

NFL: Denver Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders
Rich Bisaccia
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

All fan bases believe NFL officials are out to get their team.

And there’s no doubt, Raiders’ fans have had reasons over the years to have angst about the refs. The 2021 season was no different. But this year, Raiders’ opponents were called for penalties at a high rate as well. According to the Associated Press, opponents of the Las Vegas Raiders have been penalized for 1,021 yards. That was the second most in the NFL this season.

It’s interesting that the top three teams to benefit from penalty yardage — the Tennessee Titans, Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers — all made the playoffs.

The Chargers were called for 10 penalties in the Raiders’ playoff-clinching 35-32 overtime win Sunday night. Of course, the Raiders themselves had their issues with penalties this season. They were called for 124 penalties, the second most behind the Dallas Cowboys. Las Vegas’ 1,104 penalty yards are the most this season.

The Raiders were the only team in the lead to have more than 1,000 penalty yards counted against them and more than 1,000 yards benefitted to them on penalties.

What does this all mean? It seems like the Raiders had a lot of officiating crews this year that were looking to throw the yellow flag regardless do the team. It’s a problem in the NFL and the Raiders have seen it up close.

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