THE DARK SIDE: "You have controlled your fear. Now, release your anger"

Greetings and VICTORY, Raider Nation!!!! THIS is why you remain loyal!!!! JUST WON BABY!

To be honest, I was growing tired of using 2016 as a positive for our I have TWO reasons!(:

Lord, this game had EVERYTHING! We had production! We had loss! We had passion! We had drama! NOW we just need to ride this energy into the PLAYOFFS! This is the way! Use this momentum once again and keep stacking!

"We just have a relentless team that competes down in and down in and down in," said head coach Rich Bisaccia. "We just find a way to win it at the end. I just know our guys believe in each other. They don’t break. They don’t blink."

It’s been a tough year "educating" the crowd, but I’m glad all the hard work has paid off!

"I can’t tell you how excited we are for Raider Nation playing in this venue with a crowd like that," Raiders interim coach Rich Bisaccia said. "It was extremely exciting." Players fed off our energy and vice versa.
"This one blew (the Denver game) out of the water," Carr said of what he thought had been the best home crowd. "It felt like a playoff game. All the guys that have been there said the same thing. It was great to see not many light blue jerseys in the stand."

My voice was giving out in Overtime, but I stayed screaming. If you wanted it as much as I did, your throat is still feeling the pain of victory today! Maxx Crosby did not have these issues!

"I could talk all day," said Crosby, who played to his Pro Bowl level. "We’ve had so many ups and downs all season. It’s one of the most stressed games I’ve ever played. It was ugly, but we got the win. That’s all that matters."
Derek Carr was a little beyond excited after the game. It’s been a long time, #4.

"Once I get some sleep and wake up in the morning, maybe it will hit me then," he said. "I just have this weird feeling in my heart that the job is not done. It feels good. It’s exciting. It feels cool. It’s awesome. This is one of our goals but there are more after them."

Everyone knows what you’re thinking, Derek. You don’t practice your dance moves just to get to the dance, You're think past the dance into the Limo (:

"It does feel good, it’s exciting," Carr conceded. "But I don’t set out to just make the playoffs..Job is not done."

You’re damn right about that, DC aka Kobe Bryant! We have bigger goals. Right now, I’d be thinking about all the things that you need to get to the Championship. We can do something special despite all the seasonal issues if the team truly believes in itself.

"I don’t think any team has been through what we’ve been through in 10 years, let alone one year," Carr said." So much emotion. Pick a story, you know?"

Indeed! Select any of the following: Coach Gruden.. Ruggs.. Arnette video..injuries to Waller, Drake, Ingold, Incognito, Abram, Mullen..I lose track of all the negatives!

"We went through some stuff, some refining, some hard times, but we locked the doors every day on Monday, and the people that were inside that building didn’t stop believing in this." Carr said.

Let it be known, I was one of the people outside of the building that believed. Again, I grew tired of defending the the team that I grew up to love.
"To see where we were at, everything we went through, and to still make it, this was the coolest thing to see," he said. "This team came together and was able to still decide that this is what we wanted to do. It’s a cool feeling, that’s for sure..But it is still just the beginning. I’m thinking about the next team we got to play," Carr said.

Coach Rich made sure he enjoyed the win after the game. It’s not everyday this team can mention the "P" word.
"It was a fun one to win, especially at home, and I’m glad it’s so close to my house because I’m going to go home and sleep," he said.
We’re still trying to figure out if he participated in the victory dancing..
"I don’t know, was it on video?" he asked. "Was I dancing on video? Film speaks loud."
Search for that video if you haven’t already. It brings joy to the soul.
"They earned that," he said. "They earned the right to enjoy themselves after that game and celebrate in the fashion they saw fit. They’re into the modern music and those things, and it was fun to watch them. It’s fun to watch the emotions of what they’ve gone through. But again, I think they’ve flipped the page and they’ve turned the corner and they’ve come back to work today, and they’ve dug into what they have to do in order to improve as the week goes on."

None of this could of been done without Derek Carr's improvement in the system. He has graduated again to the next level. It may of taken longer than anticipated, but the QB just keeps getting better. Jalen Ricard agrees.

"He’s gotten better, smarter, stronger," Richard said. "He loves to flex his arms and stuff."

Hell, I would too if I beat the Chargers. This team beat KC, Pittsburg, our team and Cincinnati this season.
Derek also said he has ‘definitely’ been more willing to take more chances by throwing 50-50 balls into tight coverage and giving his receivers chances to make plays.

"I talked about it coming into the season, being more aggressive and sometimes it leads to, honestly, more picks. But sometimes those picks are just big, deep punts," said Carr, who threw the most interceptions of his career with 14 this season. "I always talked to Kurt Warner about it. He’s like, ‘I never cared about the picks. So long as I was throwing the ball down the field to let those (defensive backs) know they’ve got to back up so I could have everything else that I wanted later.’ And so, it’s definitely a conscious decision that I’m trying to throw and force the ball down the field."

We even got the calls we needed after throwing those bombs.

"We got two huge pass interference plays on scrambles and me chucking it up this last game, taking those opportunities and those chances," Carr said.

Coach Bisaccia also agrees on our Offensive line did an exceptional job. This season depended on their improvement throughout the season.
"I feel like we have been getting better each week at running the football," said Raiders interim coach Rich Bisaccia. "There is a certain trust factor in there between Josh and the offensive line."
It took a while to depend on that trust, but I’m glad it’s here.. FINALLY! I’m also happy other players mentioned they saw the same thing.
"I feel like we’re a better team today than we were at the beginning of the year," Carr said.
If the running game makes an impact? We usually win. It goes hand and hand with the passing game.
"I remember sitting here and saying, do we have to throw for 300 yards to win a football game?" Carr said. "Because that’s what the stats said."

For Carr, it was the 30th game-winning drive of his career, including three over the last four games. None were more impactful or meaningful than on Sunday, with the season and a big part of his and the Raiders’ long-term future very much on the line.

Our star Defensive End knew our QB was more than capable to finish the job.

"Big-time throws in big-time moments," said Crosby.

Let’s not forget who the real hero was down the stretch. Josh Jacob's production was necessary in gathering this win. My guy had 26 carries for 132 yards with 1 TD! He’s grabbing the MVS for sure! (Most Valuable Sith) His rushing was essential in the last 2 Quarters. He let the Coaches know he needed that rock if they were to gather that dub.

"I told them ‘There’s no way I’m not going to play in this game.’ Hurt or not, they (were) going to get everything out of me," said Jacobs, who acknowledged that he felt the aches of the rib injury throughout the course of the game.

"When the four-minute mark came before overtime, I told them I’m the closer," Jacobs said. "That’s what y’all brought me here for. Let me close."
It took a while to get the running game going, but I’m glad the engines were humming during the final minutes.

"I looked at Oly and I said ‘It’s time,’" Jacobs said. "We collectively came together — the offensive line, DC, everybody — and just made it happen."
Jacobs has been waiting to make a real impact to the team. After O-line, Coaching and scheme changes, it seemed difficult. Despite all the changes, Jacobs never backed down in asking for more touches. Good Running Backs always love to be fed.
"With me saying that, it’s kind of like I’ve got to back up my words. I’ve got to do what I asked and earn that respect," Jacobs said. "It’s definitely an honor and blessing to be in this situation. … I would have felt like I let my team down if I let the pain get to me and gave up….We did it."
Our QB knew Josh could help the team in the 4th Quarter and Overtime. It opened up so much more..
"To get those explosive runs helps the pass game, helps the play-action game, makes the windows bigger, all those things," Carr said.
It’s just nice to know we can beat the opposition in multiple ways.
"That we don’t have to throw it 50 times to win every game is nice," Carr said. "But we’ve also proven that if we have to do that, we can win that way as well. So, we’ll see what this game has for us. But you always hope to stay balanced and try and keep them honest."

My OTHER MVS goes to closer #2 Daniel Carlson, who kicked a GINORMOUS 47-yard field goal to win the game in the extra period. I can’t believe my Team was actually considering a tie before this happened.

"We were talking about it," he said. "We ran the ball there, and they didn’t call a timeout. So I think they were thinking the same thing. Then we had the big run, and when we got the big run, it got us in, we thought, advantageous field-goal position. We were willing to take the field goal to try and win it."
That Field Goal his fifth game-winning kick of the season.
"We paid him a lot for a reason," defensive end Maxx Crosby said. "He’s a sniper out there."
MY FAVORITE KILLER!!! (Next to Boba Fett).

I’m also thankful to our Defense for stopping the Chargers from making a major comeback. I never saw so many damn 4th down conversions in all of my life!!! The Chargers were the first team to convert at least six fourth-down attempts in a game since at least 1991!
Many former Chargers were also responsible for gathering key stops throughout the game.

-Darius Philon blew up the interior of the Chargers’ offensive line on a fourth-and-1 play from their 18-yard line midway through the third quarter and made a tackle on Austin Ekeler to give the Raiders the ball in great field position and set up a field goal.

-Philon also had made a stop on Ekeler for no gain on the third-down play and wreaked havoc on the line of scrimmage throughout the game before he was carted off late with an injury.

-Denzel Perryman, who spent his first 6 seasons with the Chargers, made his first Pro Bowl this year in his debut season with the Raiders. He finished with a team-high nine tackles Sunday. He was another ex-Chargers player who was brought to the Raiders to reunite with former Chargers defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

-Cornerbacks Brandon Facyson and Casey Hayward made big plays in coverage against their former team as the Chargers mounted a rally.

Team Captain Maxx Crosby was a mad man throughout the whole game as well. There were so many pressures I lost count. He also had 6 tackles (3 tackles for losses) and 2 big sacks! That brings his 20-21 season total to 8! What say you, Maxx????

"That was one of the most stressful games I’ve ever been a part of," Crosby said after Allegiant Stadium erupted in a massive roar and following Carlson’s latest clutch kick. "But we got the win, and that’s all that mattered."
Crosby knew they could get it done despite all of the tragedies this past year. It was just a matter if the team wanted it enough.
"We just had to make our mind up," said Crosby. "At the end of the day, we had to dig deep."

"Darius Philon has a significant injury to the knee," Bisaccia said. "We’re not 100 percent sure exactly what it is. He’s going through the evaluations today with the multiple doctors. We’ll know exactly what it is here as we get into Wednesday, but certainly we won’t have him, unfortunately, over the next games that we play, and he was on a roll."

Carr's tally gave him 4,804 yards this season, more than any other Raider in franchise history. Rich Gannon threw for 4,689 yards in 2002. Carr has thrown for more than 4,000 yards in four of his eight seasons with the Raiders.


JUST WIN BABY!!! We’re going to Cincinnati in a matter of days and will be prepared for one of the most explosive teams in Football! Last time Joe Mixon torched us for ONE HUNDRED TWENTY THREE YARDS with TWO TDs. Let’s contain that sum b%$tch or die trying! In the same game, Joe Burrow was held to 148 yards but we all know what he is capable of. Let’s put him down, Maxx!!! Tyler Boyd and Ja'marr Chase combined for 81 yards with 1 TD and you can never count out Tee Higgins doing big things. DBs, I need you to play tight, aggressive and fearless!! We already put down one of the best duos in Football, we just need y'all to do that again! Casey Hayward, Nate Hobbs and Brandon Facyson will have their hands full, but we’ve made it THIS FAR..
so anything is possible sirs!!!! Let’s grab some turnovers too! See you in super cold ass Ohio!

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