So, last time we played these boys I thought we actually did a fair job against them with our pass defense considering how explosive they can be. In the run game however we have got to tackle better and they were simply more physical than us. They dominated time of possession, we wore down as the game went on and the penalties cost us to the tune of 77 yards to 5 for them. Carr's two turnovers didn't help much and we were only able to convert their giveaway to three points. We rushed for a total of 72 yards, 37 by Jacobs, compared to their 159 and while they were 50% on 3rd downs we were a meager 14%.

How do we make sure history doesn't repeat itself? Well, we take everything they did to us and do it to them, easy. Offensively, we smack them in the mouth early and often, run the ball down their F-ing throats, convert on 3rd down, score TD's in the redzone instead of field goals, dominate time of possession and never ever turn the ball over all while we commit zero penalties. Lets be sure to score two TD's on our first two opening drives while holding them to three and out on multiple possessions and take their crowd out of the game. Yeah! I always love that, the look of defeat on the faces of the fans of the place we just Raided. Let's pillage for fun, let's knock them around and upside down and laugh when we've conquered and won.