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Silver Minings: Referees from Raiders-Bengals game not expected to work rest of playoffs

Wont make Raiders fans feel better but it’s justified

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Las Vegas Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders came up short vs. the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday Night, 26-19. The Raiders had a chance to pull out the game at the end but couldn't get the job done.

The referees from the matchup led by Jerome Boger did not have their most acceptable day. The inadvertent whistle to the bad roughing the passer penalty or even Jamar Chase push-offs frustrated fans on both sides.

For that reason, the crew will not have the chance to ruin anyone else's season with a bad call. The referees will are not expected to work the rest of the playoffs. Adam Schefter of ESPN reported this.

Referees in the playoffs struggle with the mixing of crews. The NFL has to make a change to the referee all-stars approach and keep the same units together to end the season. It could help the outcome of games and keep the action cleaner.

In other Raiders news

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