If Carr could scramble it would make a huge difference

I Like Derek but it seems that QB's that have the ability to make things happen with their legs and arms are successful in the Red Zone.

Brady is a pocket passer whose been lucky enough to have good offensive lines. When he has been under pressure he's not the same. Great offensive lines make a QB better.

If you just stand in the pocket while every thing is collapsing around you its a sure way to being a sack or fumbling the ball. This is one of the many problems in the Red Zone.

After the last few years and no improvement regarding scoring touch downs instead of field goals it's time for some changes. Offensive coach, Head coach, and time to see if Derek has any trade value. Lets roll with Marcus and try to draft a promising QB.

Many mental mistakes that penalize us has stopped many scoring opportunities. Do the Coach's even let the players know there pissed off about that? Same mistakes are made over and over. False starts, holding kill us.

Just a few upgrades to bring us to the next level and make this team a true contender. Start with a proven coach with a successful track record. Were so close but its time for a change.