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TDL Carrfax-WildCard edition Part 1

Wild card edition split into two parts to cover all the action

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Las Vegas Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders suffered a late defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals 26-19. The comeback heroics fell short after the team failed on the game's final drive right by the goal line with an interception.

I take a look at all of this in the Carrfax wildcard edition. I split the action for the breakdown into the first and second half. The second half will drop later this week and will display all the late-game films and why they went wrong at the end.

The Raiders got off to a slow start in the first half and picked it up in the second quarter. It summarized the whole season where the same slow starts crept up repeatedly during the 2021 season.

The play calling was suspect in the red zone, which I covered in-depth and looked at the Raiders' mistakes with their first red-zone trip of the night.

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