Stop Asking Who Would Replace Carr!

Just stop it.

Yeah this team just made the playoffs....but it is in shambles.

New GM, likely new HC and what looks like half rebuild, half what are we going to do with this roster?

The argument for a complete rebuild is being supported by fans saying the roster is bare of talent. The people saying we don't need to rebuild are arguing that all we need is one good WR, a couple olinemen and some LBs and secondary help...which sounds like a complete roster overhaul in my opinion.

What this team and organization really needs is a complete culture overhaul. My argument is that if you want to change the losing culture of the team you can't keep Carr on the roster. He is the franchise QB. He hasn't won anything. Is it all his fault? Of course not. But at this juncture it doesn't matter. If you want to change the culture of a team you need to start over. The definition of starting over in the NFL is hiring a new GM, HC and ultimately QB.

This organization can't look at it as "Who's better than Carr" in its current state. When you are a losing franchise for 20 years you don't have that luxury. The new GM is going to come in with the idea that they need to turn this franchise around. First thing they will do is find the constant factor in this losing and come up with the franchise QB. Carr hasn't done anything to show he is the answer this franchise is looking for because his record speaks for itself.

It's time to find his replacement. They don't need to be better than him. They just need to be somebody other than him at this point.