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Silver and Black Pride’s NFL Playoffs Divisional Round picks

Our staff and community make weekly game picks across the league

AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Josh Allen vs Chiefs
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Well, the Las Vegas Raiders’ season is over but we’re moving onto the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs in our 2021 NFL Season Pick ‘Em Challenge at Silver and Black Pride. Last week was a lot of chalk but we could be in for a few surprises this time around.

The NFL playoff lines are in over on DraftKings Sportsbook, and this week’s favorites are the Titans -3.5 over the Bengals, the Packers -6 over the 49ers, Buccaneers -3 over the Rams and the Chiefs -2.5 over the Bills. For those curious, Green Bay currently has the best odds to win it all at +350 and Kansas City is in second at +380.

Let’s take a look at our writer’s playoffs standings after Wild Card weekend:

  1. Matt Holder 6-0 (100%)
  2. Bill Williamson 4-2 (67%)
  3. Marcus Johnson 2-4 (33%)

That’s a perfect week for your boy! 6-0 and it don’t get no better than that! Bill had a strong showing at 4-2 and Marcus, well, Marcus can’t predict an NFL game to save his life. Then again, I’m the guy who said the Jaguars had no shot take down the Colts on Tape Don’t Lie...

After a total of 272 possible contests, here is the writers’ standing:

  1. Bill Williamson 179-98-1 (65%)
  2. Matt Holder 178-98-1 (64%)
  3. BD Williams 157-96-1 (62%)
  4. Marcus Johnson 111-90-1 (55%)

Bill is still our regular-season champion, but I figured why not keep the tally going for the postseason? Plus, I now have another chance to catch him. I moved within a half-game of Bill’s overall mark, while Marcus fell deeper down the hole.

Fan Community Leaderboard

Like Bill, Wall so Hard is still our regular-season champion, and he/she went 4-2 this week to maintain that lead. However, ColoRaider picked an impressive five winners to gain some ground. A shoutout is also in order for Mocakes who took over sole possession of third also will an impressive 5-1 showing. We had nine people in the community get five picks right so another big W for you guys!

Overall Leaders

  1. Wall so Hard 189-88
  2. ColoRaider 186-91
  3. Mocakes 185-92
  4. LivingLegnd 184-93
  5. RaiderBorn 183-94
  6. torindorn4life 182-95
  7. SacBomber03 181-96
  8. PHX Raider 180-97
  9. Silver Black Attack 180-97
  10. Mooniac 178-99

Weekly Leaders

  1. uk_raider 5-1 (176)
  2. RaiderBorn 5-1 (183)
  3. L.A.Raider 5-1 (171)
  4. Mooniac 5-1 (178)
  5. Bay Bombers 5-1 (175)
  6. Mocakes 5-1 (185)
  7. ColoRaider 5-1 (186)
  8. Viroa 5-1 (173)
  9. torindorn4life 5-1 (182)