Please Tell Me Why You Want to Keep Coach Bisaccia

The only arguments I am reading are: The team played hard for him and he did a great job this season.

Isn't a football team supposed to play hard? It's their jobs. If they don't play hard that's a problem. Wasn't there also reports floating around that players like Carr, Jacobs, etc. were getting angry because some players on the roster weren't playing hard?

Coach B was 7-6 including the playoff loss this season. I understand the situation the team was in, but still, a ST coordinator with no HC experience having a 7-6 record doesn't guarantee they are going to be an excellent HC. If that's the case you have to argue to keep Olsen and Bradley since they were the coordinators and Coach B apparently gave them full autonomy.

Can anyone argue that Coach B out schemed or out coached anyone this year? My opinion is no he didn't.

If Coach B were to stay, it would be an emotional decision by Mark Davis, which is part of the reason this franchise has been in such disarray over the last 18 plus years.

MD needs to hire a GM first and then let them decide who the best option is for a HC. I'm all for Coach B getting his chance to sit down and talk with the incoming GM about the job. But a GM with more knowledge than any of us, should be the one making that decision. And if it happens to be Coach B then hey, lets see what he can do.

But my opinion, is we hire an offensive minded coach to come in, decide if they can work with Carr and go from there. There is a trend in the NFL right now and it's that offensive minded coaches are succeeding at a high rate. It's time to stop "going against conventional wisdom" like this organization has and finally start acting like a well run franchise.