Russel wilson?

its laughable, now no one is saying that RW3 is a bad option in of its self. the cost for the slight upgrade is ridiculous. one trophy when he had the LoB and a wicked run game (lynch led that offense). if he cant lead a better roster, how does any realistic person think he is going to lead a lesser roster? of course we can get the #1 WR we dont have and we can fix the oline for wilson and yes we might win. how ever if he needs those things here why is it sacrilege for us to give those to carr? of course everyone wants to pair RW3 with a good coach and gm, why not do that for carr?

we all want to win and we will all have to cross our fingers in the hope that davis makes all the right decisions, even if thats moving on from carr.

get great coaches then great players and then just win baby.