Is Mark Davis Blowing this GM / HC Search?

I know there was an interview with Coach Bisaccia earlier. But there hasn't been a GM hire yet (that we know of).

From all reports Coach B's interview was for the actually job, not an end of the season interview as some have suggested.

What could Davis be doing? In my opinion there are only 3 logical answers to the question:

1. He is holding off on a GM hire because he is trying to lure someone like Jim Harbaugh, Mike Tomin, ie. someone who would be a "big splash" hire. He figures not hiring a GM first would show JH or MT, or whoever, that they will have the final say in decision making.

2. There has already been somewhat of a "handshake" deal with a potential GM and it will be announced once all the required interviews have taken place. This GM must also have their HC in mind that they want.

3. Davis has completely bombed this process and is going to run this franchise into the ground.

I'm hoping that it is answer #2. I wouldn't mind if he were holding out for Mike Tomlin, although I doubt Tomlin will leave the Steelers unless he gets FULL say on all decisions. tomlin has earned that in my opinion. I'm not a huge Harbaugh fan, especially since he has been out of the league for a while.