Moving up to the 1st pick in 2022 NFL Draft.

The number two thousand two hundred and twenty. That's how much draft capital it would take for the Las Vegas Raiders to move up to 1st overall in the 2022 NFL draft under the bright lights in our fabulous state of the art Las Vegas stadium and surrounding activities. They sit at the 22nd pick overall. Which is worth 750 of draft capital (according to a site that keeps track of draft value) Add those two numbers and you get 3000 draft capital. Which is the value of the number 1 pick. .It's given to the NFL team with the worst win /lose record of the previous season. This year that's the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Aww first overall. The ability to choose any prospect in the whole entire nation. That means if there is a prospect that's highly coveted in the draft he could be on your team no matter who else wants that prospect because you pick first in the annual NFL draft.

These annual NFL draft positions 1 thru 32 ( the amount of actual NFL teams that participate as part of the National Football League) are tradable. If Mark lets them hang like Michael Corleone in Vegas we optionally trade up to the 1st overall position in Las Vegas and choose Kenny Picket (Pitt) (he broke Dan Marino's TD record there) which is saying nothing while saying something. The game has changed and is much more pass/scoring friendly than when Dan and them were doing it, it was much rougher, tougher out there. But that's another story for another day. Have Joe Pesci go talk to Goddell and let him know The Raiders are picking 1st this year. Not laying but taking.

Mark must have Cajones like watermelons. This may even launch him into prime daddy AL territory. So like every manager of finance your probably asking how would the Raiders pay for such a move? Don't look at business as lost resources but look at the gain of future crop. We are in Las Vegas , it will pay for itself imo. It takes bold investments for "the future of The Raiders" as they deserve to be more than mediocre. Mark should be selling HIGH. Coaches and players with any kind of intelligence are secretly drooling to coach and play here and Mark needs to understand that and treat it as such. It should be an honor just for the opportunity to be employed in our beautiful stadium and state of the art facilities down in fabulous Las Vegas. The Raiders Brand is special like no other.

I've always wanted a tall QB that could sling it but mostly just want someone that plays elite and that's drafted by our Raiders franchise. I'm not saying Kenny is that guy... but he could be. Get young prospects in the building and see whos able to remove the sword from the stone. I'll start looking deeper at the top group of QB's coming out as we go. There's other interesting names also. Malik Willis, Carson Strong, Matt Corral are interesting. 2023 draft could see a ton of very strong QB prospects. Bryce Young (Alabama), CJ Stroud (Ohio State), Gunnell from (Memphis) to name a few. I'll view more tape/ clips and revisit these guys and others later in this offseason. Guys are found all up and down the draft sometimes. Be Bold and negotiate to buy draft position. Sell it and stack it. Selling players can also net tons of draft capital. Negotiate. Play big boy ball MD. Invest in the "greatness of the Raiders". Forward strong Raider Nation.