Best coaching option?

Jim Harbaugh has been getting a lot of love here, but what's not to like? I don't think he want's to leave Michigan. He's just using us to get a better contract with Michigan.

Rich Bisaccia We all know him, would not be considered for any other HC opening this year. Loved by this team, but is that enough?

Doug Penderson another established NFL HC with 1 SB victory and a slightly above 0.500 record, now who does that remind you of? He took a year off. What has he learned in that time? Fresh look or more of the same?

Eric Bieniemy up and coming Andy Reid toadie. Is he ever going to be able to win with his mentor in the division? He may be HC material, but I think he will be more successful with an NFC team, not staying in the AFC west.

Byron Leftwich has a great resume for an up and comer, but is he really the OC for the Buccs, or is it Tom Brady running his offense? For what it's worth he also had 1 year with Jameis who threw a lot of TDs and a lot of interceptions.

Brian Daboll another solid resume for an up and coming OC from the Bills. He gets a lot of credit for Josh Allen's emergence, but on the other hand isn't Ken Dorsey (Passing game coordinator and QB coach) more immediately responsible?

Brian Flores recently Miami HC, approximately 0.500 record in a short HC career. Never an OC or DC, LB coach before that.

Raheem Morris Rams DC just this year, formerly on the offensive side for the Falcons, and DB coach before that. Now under McVay, worked under Gruden with the Buccs. 0.356 record as a HC for the Buccs and Falcons.

Josh McDaniels Patriots OC totally off my board. 2018 he was going to be the Colts HC and went back on his word to return to the Pats. I think he's burned his bridges with 31 teams with that move. He's Pats OC until Bill retires, then he takes over there.

Nathaniel Hackett Packers OC has Rodgers' endorsement, credited for low turnovers with Rodgers and the Packers, also had the leagues #1 rushing attack as OC with the Jaguars in 2017.

Kellen Moore Cowboys OC another up and coming guy. Word I'm hearing is the Cowboys are going to keep him as HC. Which would mean Mike McCarthy becomes available?

Kevin O'Connell Rams OC, McVay disciple, does not call plays.

Dan Quinn Cowboys DC just this year, responsible for their quick turn around, former Falcons HC approx 0.500 record, Seattle DC for their super bowl.

Leslie Frazier Bills DC longtime coach, former Vikings HC losing record approx 0.400, has coaching superbowl with the Colts, As a player was on the 85 bears defense.

Personally I would like to see the frontronners be Brian Daboll (if he's bringing Dorsey with him), Dan Quinn, & Nathaniel Hackett. Maybes for Penderson and Leftwich, Frazier as a dark horse candidate. I consider Harbaugh and Moore unavailable.