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TDL-Carrfax wildcard 2nd half

The Raiders fell short in the second half with awful play in the red zone

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Las Vegas Raiders v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

With trade proposals galore, Derek Carr's future is up in the air in the media. The section of the fanbase that didn't like him before is expecting a move while every high-profile coach wants to join the Raiders.

The interception to the end of the game set the stage for the offseason rumors. The Las Vegas Raiders fell short on their comeback with a 26-19 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. Carr finished with a rating of 69.0 and a QBR of 39.1.

What does the film say? After breaking down the first half earlier in the week, the second half has all the drama that led to the Mayock and Gruden era coming to a close.

The three lost red zone possession cost the Raiders the match with drops, balls bouncing off helmets, and penalties. It got worst on the final possession with a ripped-out ball, a slip, and an interception to end it all.

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