Thoughts on Carr, new GM / HC and Future

I'm not a huge Carr fan.....along with what seems to be 50% of other Raider fans. I'm ready for the organization to move on from him. Here is why:

Herbert and Mahomes. We are in a division with arguably the best QB in the NFL another one who looks like he is going to be great. Yeah this team made the playoffs over the Chargers, but its Herbert's 2nd season. He is only going to get better. Then we have to consider the Broncos and if they are going to be able to bring a star QB in this offseason. If they do, we will have the 4th best QB in the division. But surprisingly I am not giving up all hope in Carr and I would be willing to give him 2 more years under the right circumstances.

Then I look at the AFC in general. Buffalo, Cincinnati, and Kansas City are clearly the best teams in the conference. NE, Baltimore and Indy will continue to be in playoff contention. This team will have to compete with each of these teams over the next few years for a playoff berth.

My next question to myself is....what's more likely to happen? This organization builds a super bowl defense to complement an average offense, or is it more likely that it moves on from Carr and finds a franchise QB? At this point it is a toss up and really depends on the next GM and HC who comes in. I assume just as importantly is which QB's will be available this offseason.

The next GM and HC that comes in will obviously play a huge role in just how successful this team will be going forward. My issue so far with this topic is the fact that Mark Davis seems to be taking his time, and in my opinion, not in a good way, during the process. Most teams are on to second/third interviews with their respective candidates and we have only interviewed a select few (according to reports). Also, there have been HC interviews done without a GM in place. Some are arguing that the HC does not need to be hired by a GM. That's reasonable, but for the Raiders to get an up and coming GM, they will most likely have to let that individual decide who the HC will be. Remember, we were a team that could have began our HC hiring process weeks before the season even ended. Why didn't we?

The future of this franchise, as of now, is directly tied to who MD brings in as GM and HC. Those two will ultimately decide what to do with this roster and whether it's a rebuild or retool. I hope it isn't a rebuild, for the sake of every Raider fans sanity.

I personally hope for a retool of the roster. I would like to see an offensive minded HC come in and if possible, bring in an experienced DC (Zimmer, Fangio, etc.) I don't want to waste draft capital on someone like Rodgers or Wilson at this point because I just don't know how good this team could be with a superstar QB and no real improvements across the roster. This is where I wouldn't mind keeping Carr on something like a 2 year extension for close to what he is making now. I only want this to happen if the Raiders draft a QB in the 1st-2nd rd this year. Personally I want them to draft Malik Willis out of Liberty. At this point he is the biggest boom or bust prospect of all the QB's. He isn't ready to start, so sit him for a year behind Carr and let him learn. He has a huge arm, he's physical and mobile. Look at his tools and there is a lot of Josh Allen in him (besides size). Huge arm, is inaccurate at times, athletically gifted, small school, and needs polish. I was really hoping Brian Dabol would get hired just because it seems he has raised Allen to another level, but it looks like he will probably go to NY.

Either way, I want this team to succeed. Just like everyone else on this board. I just hope it's sooner rather than later for all of our sakes.