Would you trade Carr for Deshaun Watson

After watching Mahomes and Allen play yesterday I want a QB that can scramble and make things happen. Since theres no one in the upcoming draft that resembles any of the two and not any back up QB's on any roster whose left ?

I don't give 2 shits about his upcoming problems as they will be resolved and he will be back playing soon. At this point I just want to win and he seems like the best available to take us to the next level. Al use to love the players that seemed a little on the weird side as long as they could play.

Derek is a good quarterback and will be just fine on a team that will give a pocket passer enough time. Watching Mahomes and Allen had me drooling for this type of QB. Winning makes everything better and people usually forgive those who have messed up.

Deshaun has proved to be that type of player that can make things happen and as we are in a division that has really good quarterbacks we need to upgrade to compete.

I say give him a chance and have a clause in his contract that forbids him to visit any of the many massage parlors in Vegas. (lol) Seriously someone will get him why not us. I wonder if Carr would be enough for Houston to make this happen. Maybe a Carr for Wilson if Houston not interested. Russell can scramble but is a little older.