If they Hire Harbaugh....

If the Raiders hire Harbaugh, some dominos would need to fall first, because if he interviews he is probably going to be hired, because the act of accepting an interview would really damage him as a college coach and I think he would pretty much want to be confident in how the Raiders are set up (i.e. have a GM he likes) and are ready to really commit to him aka $$$. So for him to interview here is what I think needs to happen.

1. The GM needs to be selected probably Dodds but could be someone else. This GM needs to be someone he feels comfortable working with as he probably does not want to be like PC or BB or how JG was. He wants the GM to find the players for him.

2. The Rooney Rule requirements for HC are satisfied so they can hire right away.

3. He needs to have a comfort level on who he can bring with him to LV in terms of position coaches and LV willingness to keep or let go of who JH wants on coaching staff.

As of today I know that #1 is not ready and #2 is not ready and I am not sure about #3 but have heard he went around asking about availability of coaches, which is where some of the more solid JH rumors came from in the first place.

After tomorrow (Thursday Jan 27th) RR requirements are set. GM could be soon as they have interviewed at least 7 candidates. Condition #3 is likely in place already.

Now please listen. I am not saying JH is the guy here. I am saying from a timing standpoint these things need to be in place and it appears that they may be by the end of the week. Buckle your seat belts.