David Carr: Derek May Leave the Raiders

Funny stuff from the Carr clan here, continuing to throw current and past teammates under the bus as they cry - " we haven't had enough help!! " And all in an effort to control the narrative and Derek's future. That's our leader. A shrewd politician.

Of course, many will buy their BS because it's the Raiders and we're largely viewed unfairly, but one has to hope that there's at least a handful of Raider execs left in the building that can smell what's cooking here because it's obvious. Derek doesn't want to be a lame duck quarterback next season and have to answer those contract questions all year long. And he wants to have a say right now, but he knows that he can't have a say because he has no contract extension, and thus; no guaranteed future with the Raiders.

We've been here before, though. Last year - when Vinny Bonsignore reported that he’d heard the organization could be intrigued with the idea of trading Derek and upgrading at quarterback in a 3 team trade scenario - not long after that, Derek pulled his trusty, ole retirement card. His supposed leverage to thwart trades involving himself.

Well, now, here it is again....David Carr, Derek's mouthpiece, says Derek has " talked about retiring " alongside Gruden.

And how many of us have heard the old saying, that if you ever start talking retirement in pro sports - you're already done?

How much does Derek Carr actually love football if he's serious about all this retirement stuff? Every offseason....retirement this, retirement that....who does Derek think he is? Brett Favre?

Why doesn't Derek do us all a favor and just go through with it? Go ahead and retire, or demand a trade, Captain Checkdown....o' titan of turnovers....o' emperor of the end zone fumbles....o' renderer of rare red zone touchdowns....o' high chief of helmet hair. Funny stuff, yes? I don't find it amusing when a player tries to hold my Raiders hostage.

This franchise has poured the majority of their focus into building around Derek Carr since drafting him in 2014:

  • One of the most expensive offensive lines in the business for the majority of his career - R. Hudson, K. Osemele, D. Penn, G. Jackson, T. Brown - all ranked highly in salary and performance at one point or another.
  • Multiple 1st round picks spent on the offensive line - K. Miller, A. Leatherwood
  • Multiple 1st round picks spent on WR - A. Cooper, H. Ruggs III
  • Multiple, talented, productive, undervalued WRs brought in: M. Crabtree, N. Agholor, H. Renfrow
  • Multiple, big money contracts handed to WRs: A. Brown, T. Williams
  • Multiple, talented, productive TEs brought in: J. Cook, D. Waller
  • A 1st round, pro bowl caliber RB
  • 3 RBs ranked top 25 in positional salary for the 2021-22 season
  • A $100MM head coach brought out of retirement to fix him

Did I miss anything?

It's truly pathetic that David Carr is out here trying to set the narrative that Derek has been ignored over the years. Especially when they've actually ignored the defense while spending so much money, and assets, in an effort to put the sort of offensive talent around Derek that can make up for his deficiencies as a quarterback. I mean, this is the organization that ignored it's best player - Khalil Mack - in lieu of rewarding the quarterback with his first contract extension....which led to the best player wanting out.

Now, when it comes to the next contract extension, sure, Derek's been ignored. However, I don't blame them for ignoring him when it comes to his money this time around. Even in a year where we made the playoffs, Derek - still - shrank down the stretch with poor performances in 6 of the last 7 games of the season. And that's just this have been debating about his contract extension since 2019, while he's been leading the galaxy in turnovers/fumbles since signing the last extension.

But you know, one of the things I always find to be very interesting is when fans complain about great quarterbacks being too expensive and salary cap debilitating. However, we all know that the great quarterbacks are typically tasked with carrying their side of the football. The great quarterbacks don't have a bunch of highly paid offensive lineman protecting them....they don't have multiple offensive lineman that were drafted in the 1st round....they don't have multiple 1st round wide receivers catching passes for them....they don't have the most expensive backfield in the business behind them.
  • Doug Baldwin, undrafted free agent
  • Jermaine Kearse, undrafted free agent
  • Tyler Lockett, 3rd round pick
  • DK Metcalf, late 2nd round pick
  • One 1st round OL drafted in Seattle since 2012 - Germaine Ifedi (no longer a Seahawk)
  • One Seattle OL ranked among the top OL in salary since 2012 - Duane Brown (acquired in trade, 2017)
  • Jordy Nelson, 2nd round pick
  • James Jones, 3rd round pick
  • Davante Adams, 2nd round pick
  • Randall Cobb, 2nd round pick
  • Allen Lazard, undrafted free agent
  • Marquez Valdes-Scantling, 5th round pick
  • Aaron Jones, 5th round RB
  • AJ Dillon, late 2nd round RB
In fact, since Rodgers has taken over as the starter in Green Bay, the one and only offensive skills position player that the Packers have drafted in the 1st round is Jordan Love. His replacement.

Anyway, it all begs the question....just how expensive is it going to - continue to be - when it comes to building around Derek Carr? In regards to a Russell Wilson, and a Derek Carr, many enjoy weighing the difference in salary cap figures, but ignore the fact that it takes a hell of a lot of money and assets to put winning pieces around lesser quarterbacks like Derek Carr. Now, consider that Derek is using his media hack/brother to angle for an expensive contract extension. So at the end of the day - big picture - doesn't it all cost the same? Heck, some may argue that it's more expensive trying to build around Derek Carr because your team just isn't going to have as much success at the end of the day, so the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is nonexistent.

All in all, Mark cannot allow himself to be bullied by the Carr clan. These public demands and attempts at leveraging, Al wouldn't blink at such nonsense. If Derek is thinking about moving on - whether it be trade or retirement - Mark has to beat him to the punch and find his rightful replacement. Make a swift move for Russell Wilson and find out who really has the leverage here because it smells a lot like Derek is angling to break up with the Raiders before they decide to break up with him. We all know that Derek cares so deeply about saving face, that he's even threatened to fight 50+ year old media members to prove that he's tough. And of course, this narrative pushing from David Carr was partly done to move our attention away from the fact that Derek ended our season by throwing into double coverage for a predictable red zone turnover. It was a nice try at diverting our attention….I’m sure it was well thought out. As " well thought out " as the Broncos’ hiring of Packers’ offensive coordinator, Nate Hackett, for their head coaching position? Because while Derek Carr is busy trying to hold our Raiders hostage, MVP Aaron Rodgers is about to land with the Denver Broncos.

*Updated: Amended - Derek Carr has talked retirement, but did not contemplate retirement after Gruden was forced to re-sign.