Derek Carr is using his brother as his rally flag sending out the same old crap about "I'm disrespected...gonna use the retirement card...I have to see how committed the Raiders are to winning" storyline.

This is just my opinion based upon his comments during pressers and through media outlets, but Derek Carr comes across as a guy who thinks of himself in the mold of Joe Montana-Johnny Unitas-Roger Staubach. That's fine because players in the NFL should be ultra-competitive and have a big ego, especially to quarterback a team, but to me he comes across as a passive/aggressive guy who serves up subtle, underhanded comments about teammates, media and ownership. I'm sure we've all worked with people like Derek Carr. One minute they express to the crowd that they have your back and the next minute they pat you on the back because they are feeling for the soft spot to figuratively stick the knife in. I don't care how righteous he wants to appear, there is a fake quality to his demeanor.

I hope they trade him and get some decent value in this upcoming draft. It would be interesting if he got traded to the NY Giants for a draft pick or two. How long would his attitude survive against the harsh and very brutal New York media? I live in Connecticut and the NY media has always been unrelentless in their opinions and reporting. You get the honors and accolades when it's earned, but you have your feet held to the fire with a public whipping when you fail to win.

I always said that early on that I thought Derek Carr would win a Super Bowl before a bunch of other quarterbacks, but after eight seasons of hearing the same dialogue, it's not going to happen with the Las Vegas Raiders.

If he gets an extension, then ownership has it's head up its butt. If they keep him on a $19-million final year, then they have to move up and get one of the top draft quarterbacks. If they trade him get a top QB in the draft and Mariota can be the "Alex Smith" bridge.

All comments are welcome. Derek Carr is and has always been a polarizing topic for years and it's getting very, very worn out.