Josh McDaniels calling the shots

Interesting report about McDaniels coming to the Raiders.

In the article it says:

"McDaniels informed the Raiders that he wouldn’t accept their interview request unless he was being offered the job, per sources."

If that is true, than that is a sign of one pretty insecure coach. A confident one would know he’s getting the job because he’d blow them away in the interview. Why would McDaniels think he is in any position to make that demand? And as importantly, why would the Raiders accept that ultimatum?

Obviously the Raiders were fine with it as they are reportedly having dinner with him tonight. We know what Al would have done in that situation, but I’m pretty sure nearly every owner would have told a coach with Josh’s pathetic HC history to go screw himself after making that demand. A coach with a career record of 11-17 making those type of demands?! Interesting if true.

Of course I’m fully aware that these type of reports could be completely false as well (many are). But IF it is true, than it is kinda crazy. And if true, than those believing that McDaniels is a douche would certainly be validated.

Also in this article it mentions McDaniels brought Ziegler into the NFL when he was HC at Denver - Ziegler got one hell of a promotion as he was an assistant HC at an Arizona HS at the time. They are reportedly good friends and ex-college teammates. Ziegler sure appears to have earned his way up the ranks over the years so I’m not doubting his qualifications. But this may not bode well for the power dynamic many had hoped for - where the GM trumps the HC in football ops.

Doesn’t mean that type of dynamic can’t work out well - after all Pete Carroll calls the shots over Schneider in Sea and the same with Shanahan in SF running things with Lynch serving more in an advisory role. But we know more often than not when the HC is doing more than just coaching it can certainly go sideways pretty quickly.

The way the Raiders have operated over these last 20+ yrs is always entertaining to say the least!