THE DARK SIDE: "No one’s ever really gone."

Your presence was felt from the start, John. Numerous teams, Stadiums and players were already paying homage to you 10 minutes before kickoff. Fans held up signs. The Raiders even rocked your initials on their helmets. You weren’t just an average, uninspiring, every day, typical Coach. You were honestly one of the best of the best. You preached charisma, toughness and what it meant to be a Raider. You didn’t teach to just players, you taught the WORLD and still educate even in the afterlife. EA, may you never change the name. No man can never match it. No one’s ever really gone…
when millions will remember you for a lifetime.
Rest in paradise, John Madden.

After seeing so many people pay respect, I knew it was going to be a good day. I also knew after Jacobs 1st 6 yard run, we had a damn good shot. That meant we could control the tempo. That also meant Madden’s ground and pound ‘em philosophy could work momentarily followed by a sick play action. There was still fight left us in Week 16.

"We have to fight," linebacker Denzel Perryman said. "We know what’s at stake. We know what happens if we win. Right now, it’s literally about fighting."
Even after injury our Pro Bowl Linebacker and Quarterback had plenty of punch left..and I ain’t talking about Kool-Aid.
"No matter how we have to do it, we’re finding a way to do it," Carr said. "Because we have the right kind of guys."
I believe most of the players are getting better every game. In particular, if the linemen rush block and pass block better than the past few Weeks? We have a better chance.

"Regardless of the ups and downs, the ebbs and flows during the game, I think you could see the energy from all the players," Raiders interim head coach Rich Bisaccia said. "Whether it was the offensive side or defensive side, just pulling for their brothers in there and never took a step back the entire game."

I believe the Wide Receivers are also getting better with every snap, Zay Jones had his HIGHEST season yard total on Sunday. My MVS (most valuable Sith) went HAM with 120 yards with 8 receptions! He also added a sick 42 yard grab from a bullet by Derek Carr.
In his 6th year, he may break his previous Career best of 652 yards. He just needs another huge game like this one. With every catch he seems to get better- is that the key to success?
"I think it’s very important," said Jones "Just building the foundation of what was started in years past and to see it come to fruition, where we’re at now."
Keep moving forward..I will pray fro you, sir!

I will also pray for Hunter Renfrow. He just broke the 1k mark with one more game to go! Master Chad knew this kid would be phenomenal. I appreciated his college career, but I honestly had my worries looking at his "unique" physique. Hell, maybe the entire Raiders staff did. I remember Jon Gruden showing a shirtless picture of the Clemson star to the team after stating we needed bigger and stronger kind of player years ago (the Raider team laughed).

It’s now 2021 and he’s clearly our best Receiver. Man, I love progression..

"It’s incredible," Renfrow said after the game. "I’m not going to lie that did kind of seem out of the realm of possibility coming in as a rookie. I never had 600 yards in college. I just wanted to go out and be the best receiver I could be and give us a chance to win."

His route running is beyond epic. He shifts, zigs and zags like a snake slithers through rocks. Some routes I’m not even sure they have a name for.
Coach Bisaccia is running out of ways to talk about Renfrow’s importance to our team.
"The question keeps coming up and it comes up for a reason," Bisaccia said. "He makes big plays in big situations and he’s done it his whole career. He did it at Clemson and now he’s doing it in the National Football League. I can’t say enough about the chemistry between him and Derek and his ability to understand the field and get himself in open positions."
Man, that last catch was something out of an old 70’s Raider Madden game. Hunter made himself available big time.
"Zay (Jones) was coming in and going back out on his (route). We were trying to get the ball to him. I just came open late. Derek did a good job of going through his reads and extending the play" he said.
"We came into the game with the mentality that if we got ourselves into fourth-and-2 or fourth-and-1 situations, we thought we had a good enough package. When (Carr) has the ability to step up like that and move himself around and create, he did a good job with it." Coach Bisaccia said.
"Two years ago, who knows if we would have won this game," said Renfrow.
Your lack of faith is disturbing, kid!! (: I’m glad we’ve picked up some things!! (:

Renfrow’s also had a 41-yard punt return late in the first quarter put the Raiders at the Colts’ 35-yard line. We got a much needed field goal out of this.

Maybe that 1st half FG was just a sweet warmup for Dan Carlson's game winning kick. Boy, I’m glad he redeemed himself. That out of bounds kick near the end of the 2nd Quarter was painful to watch. It gave the Colts the perfect opportunity to score quickly and killed the momentum we had built.

"That was just a mishit," Carlson said after the game. "I’m sure I’ll get yelled at a little bit by Rich on that one, but hopefully not as much because of the result there at the end. It’s tougher losing after mistakes like that, but it’s something I have to keep working on. We all have areas we can clean up." Fair enough..
Daniel was being called "The Ice man" after his game winner. His daggers are something the Raider Nation is now getting used to. Carlson has now made game-winning kicks on the final play of four Raiders’ victories this season, including three times in the last six games.

"He plays like he practices," said Bisaccia, the team’s special teams coordinator. "I don’t think much about it when he goes out there. We have a really good battery and our guys have done a really good job in protection up front. He has the mindset that even if he has a bad play before, like the kickoff, he’s able to come back and put himself in the mindset to help our team win. I think the whole team has total confidence in Daniel."
The OTHER DC has been clutch this Season. He has deserved his extension and his many accolades.

"It’s been an exciting season," Daniel said. "A lot of close games, which is how it’s supposed to be. Huge team win that wasn’t always pretty, but we found a way to win and did it with a last-second kick again."

You also have to give to DC #4 for getting him in that position. Your hatred is now irrelevant, sour bellies. Derek has done enough for us in the clutch to get us in position to win. If you’re still hating? I’m using it to fuel my Dark Side power!!!!

"I’m not going to lie to you, when I was a kid that was all I practiced," he said after helping keep the Raiders in control of their playoff destiny. "You can ask my dad, my mom and my brothers. When I was a kid, I would go outside for like three hours and I’d just count myself down on the clock and shoot the last shot or throw the last pass or catch the last pass. I always just loved that moment, if I’m honest."
It’s all paying off now, Derek. You even find inspiration from one of my favorite Lakers...
"Maybe that’s why I love Kobe so much. He would always want that shot at the end," Carr said. "My heart and my mind are just wired to love those moments. Whenever we get in those moments, seeing the confidence on my teammates’ faces knowing we can do this, it’s a cool thing for me."
I’m sure Bay Area Steph fans are displeased…GOOD! You have enough to cheer about right now (:
Our Head Coach was also pleased with our QB making good plays down the stretch.

"The thing I thought was really exciting about him today was he had some creative plays in some big situations," interim coach Rich Bisaccia said. "He’s always thrown the ball well on the run and he’s certainly athletic. Anytime he has the ability to step up and create like that, he’s made big plays for us."
Fans have been begging for Carr to use his feet more for years now. It’s honestly the only thing missing from his game. Sure, you can keep being a pocket passer, but you can still keep plays alive by scrambling. We’re seeing more of this recently...
"I’m not going to rush for 100 yards, but I can create and extend the play a little longer when I get outside,’ he said. "With the game on the line like that, I’m just trying to keep every play alive as long as I can."
I will always remember Carr getting down the field in seconds late in the 4th Quarter while in Week 1. Sure, it was to tie the game to get to OT, but I thought then "Wow, he’s capable of that?!??!" Then I realized he’s been doing that for years. Derek has 24 game winning drives since 2015….and he executes these drives mostly while improvising with his feet.
"Derek has a game that has evolved in my eyes as far as being able to get out of the pocket and scramble and find someone," Zay Jones said. "The play with Hunter toward the end just shows a lot about who he is as a quarterback."
He’ll never be a Lamar Jackson, but he can still use this ability when the team really needs it.
"I kind of like reading a defense and shredding them too," he said. "That’s fun. I’m just trying to do my best to complete every pass every time I throw it."
Derek has the will to win. He just needs a few more big plays next Sunday to bring him to the next level.
"Those are the plays you see so many of those great quarterbacks make and I’m not putting my name in there, but you see Aaron (Rodgers) make them, you see Patrick (Mahomes) and those guys," he said. "Those are plays that aren’t drawn up. That’s your receivers keeping plays alive and helping you out by making plays on the ball. … We don’t do it every play, but for the most part whenever we can do that stuff, it opens up our offense and it helped us win a football game today, that’s for sure."

Keep improving #4. All of the REAL fans are with ya.

On Defense, I’m glad we contained Jonathan Taylor the best way we could. The SEVENTEEN HUNDRED yard rusher is not an easy cover and is currently an NFL MVP candidate. Rookie Diving Deablo was the high man with 9 tackles. This guy has shown dramatic improvement since Week 1. It was also great to see Denzel Perryman back after returning from the COVID virus.
"You know, this COVID thing is real," Perryman said.
He was placed on the C-list on the 27th of December and was ready to suit up on the 2nd of January!
"I was shaking for like the first two days," said Perryman, who added the rest of the week meant dealing with a persistent cough.
"It’s unbelievable," Raiders quarterback Derek Carr said. "You could tell he was running and making tackles and taking a knee a little bit longer than he usually does. The fight, that’s why he’s a Pro Bowler."
Lord, am I thankful for this guy. Does anyone realize we traded for this future PRO BOWLER with only a 6th round pick? Thanks, Carolina..REALLY!
How in the Hell did he even bounce back so quickly?
"You just got to really adjust, just got to adjust, man," Perryman said.
'Nuff said! He must of studied non-stop during the off days..
"I think it might have been marathon meetings with those guys to get caught up," Coach Rich Bisaccia said.
How was he doing physically?
"That last third down, I don’t know who it was, everybody was saying give it all you got," Perryman said, even though the effects of the last week were still hard on him."I was like, shoot, I can barely breathe myself right now," he remembers thinking.
What a Warrior! You wield the toughest Linebacker mentality! What can other players learn from you?
"Just fighting and giving it your all," Perryman said.
Anything else that bugged you?
"As far as cardio and endurance, it was tough for me today," admitted linebacker Denzel Perryman,
I’m sure you’ll get your wind back as soon as you hit the practice field and gym again. Patience #52…it’ll come!


It’s already GINORMOUS Week when we play the Chargers! NOW? It’s even bigger than that!
This game has to do with how we begin and most importantly, how we finish in every single way! Last meeting Jared Cook fried us for many yards. He must be put in check! Justin Herbert also needs to be sacked so hard that his bones and toe nails have to feel it! Mike Williams and Keenan Allen can never be overlooked! They must be contained! Austin Ekeler will be trying for a 1k season so we must smack him up hard too! They’re ALL TALL ORDERS, BUT WITH HARD WORK? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!