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Silver Minings: Raiders sign Alex Bars to the active roster

He’s no longer on the practice squad

Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins
Alex Bars
Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders are continuing the attempt to find answers on the offensive line. The rotations have become an interesting development early in the season with the group not having a secure starting lineup.

Those moves continue to happen with Alex Bars supplanting John Simpson as the starting guard vs the Tennessee Titans. Bars gets his chance at joining the full roster signing off the practice squad.

With the move of Bars to the active roster someone must be released. That player was Jackson Barton who had one of the best preseasons of any lineman on the team. He should be brought back on the practice squad but was a surprising move with not much depth overall at tackle.

Bars is versatile and is a player who can play center as well. His performance last Sunday was not special to say the least but was able to get movement in the run game. He must have impressed the coaches earning a full spot on 53.

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