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Silver Minings: Derek Carr part of another comeback

He’s underrated in this regard

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Houston Texans v Las Vegas Raiders
Derek Carr
Photo by Sam Morris/Getty Images

We all know Derek Carr is a polarizing figure in the Las Vegas Raiders’ fan base, especially during a time like this when the team has started unexpectedly slowly.

But Carr has been part of some good comebacks since becoming the Raiders’ quarterback as a rookie in 2014. Per the Associated Press, Sunday’s 38-20 win over the Houston Texans at Allegiant Stadium was Carr’s 25th career fourth quarter comeback and 31st game-winning drive of his career. That’s pretty impressive.

Houston was leading 20-17 at the start of the fourth quarter and the Raiders took over, scoring three touchdowns in the final quarter. it wasn’t all because of Carr, of course, but he played his role in the comeback and his penchant for doing this can’t be denied.

In other Raiders’ news:

  • Stabler mark tied: Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes tied Raiders’ Hall of Fame quarterback Ken Stabler for the second most wins by a quarterback through his first 70 games.
  • Pod time; Here is The Athletic’s post-game podcast after the win over the Texans.
  • Trusting the process: The Athletic looks at the Raider’s trusting new coach Josh McDaniels.