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Silver Minings: Offensive line excelling in run game

Much maligned group showing out in run blocking

Houston Texans v Las Vegas Raiders
Josh Jacobs
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders’ offensive line has been the most questioned aspect of the team and it has been a work in progress as they have used 11 different offensive line lineups in the first six games.

Yet, the unit has improved and has done very well in the run game. Las Vegas tailback Josh Jacobs has been excellent as he has become the first Raider player to run for 140-plus yards in three straight games. He is third in the NFL with 633 rushing yards.

But make no mistake, Jacobs is getting strong blocking. According to the Football Outsiders, the Raiders lead the league in adjusted line yards per carry at 5.7 yards. That’s pretty special.

As the Raiders continue to try to get back in the AFC playoff picture, Jacobs and his blocking will be a big part of the formula.

In other Raiders’ news: